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If you have any questions or comments this is the place to post them. I would love to hear from you!

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16 thoughts on “EBT News Feedback

  1. Hi Laurel,
    I just finished watching (and taking copious notes from) your video overview of DST. Loved it and posted a note about the Solution Method with a link to the video in my FaceBook profile.

    If you ever decide to join FB, let’s be friends!
    Health and happiness,
    Verna Groger, RD

    • Hi Verna,

      I’m so glad you liked the overview of the method, and I joined Facebook. Look me up. Hope you have a great day!


  2. Are there any providers in Vancouver, Canada?

    If not, where is the closest?

    Any plans to do workshops or seminars in Vancouver?

    Thank you,

  3. My vote is for the #2 Logo
    I am so impressed on how quickly all of these great changes are taking place!

  4. You might want to reconsider accepting Google Ads on this site, because the keyword matching can result in ads showing up that undermine the message of EBT. I just went to the post “Diagnosing People Pleasing”, and at the bottom of it was a Google Ad that read “Make a Man Open Up 10 Dangerous Mistakes Women Make That Ruin The Perfect Relationship CatchHimAndKeepHim.com”. Ugh! That totally feeds into people-pleasing instead of helping with it. (Of course, that one won’t be there if you check, because Google picks a different ad on every page load.)

    You might be able to tweak the settings of Google Ads to exclude certain sites or keywords. But I think any ads make the site look less professional. Is the revenue from them significant?

    • Hi Janet,

      Thank you for your feedback, the adds were actually from the people we host with and we have just had them removed. Thank you for letting us know about the issue.

      -The EBT Team

  5. I’ve been enjoying reading the blog.

    Would you please add more examples of Solution Sandwiches to the blog? With the ENTIRE sandwich?

    That would be helpful.

  6. Also, would you please add a search bar. I’ve been trying to find out about the upcoming retreat and I can’t find it! A search bar would be useful on a lot of occasions.

  7. When you referred to a book title you wanted to write, “Isolation: the True Cause of the Rise in Childhood Obesity” it brought tears to my eyes.

    I work with children, mostly 8/9 year olds and although many have great parents, there are also many who are raising themselves. They are so anxious and isolated. It is such a concern.


    • Ann,
      I’m grateful for your post. Actually, it still brings tears to my eyes, too. From a brain state perspective, we are all great parents when we are at Brain State 1 and have enough compassion and clarity to see ourselves, and our kits. And we are all not good parents when at Brain State 5. With so much stress, parents need all the skills they can get, and so do the kids. Sometimes it feels as if the parents are “raising” themselves and so are the kids, as you said. And to think that it is a matter of skills. Thanks for your heartfelt remarks.


  8. I am concerned about the studies that support some of the claims that Ms. Mellin makes. For example, the 6 year follow-up study that she cites has not been published, is a relatively small group, has no controls, and the participants MAY be self-selected (that is, what is the difference between those who agreed to participate in the follow-up and those who did not?)
    I think the Solution Method, and the new name for it, EBT are innovative techniques, but I wonder if they are promising a lot more than they can really deliver?

    • Hi Beverly,

      You bring up a great point and that is why the main goal for EBT this year is research. There will be two papers coming out this year as well as a NIH funded 5 year study comparing EBT and insight based meditation on weightloss in pregnant women.

      I don’t know your familiarity with the research community, but it is very uncommon for reaseachers to create programs, and laurel has been working on incorporating neuro science into the solution method for the past 4 years. As that effort is nearing completion, we are transitioning her role to lead the research effort to prove the benifits of EBT that past participants can attest to.

      So give us a year and we will start producing published controll group studies.

  9. I have been through Wired for Joy and Kit 1, and I really like to read about the method. But this blog is very, very difficult to read because there are so many typos. I don’t think I’ve found a single article – even a paragraph – that doesn’t contain at least one sentence that is either difficult to follow/understand because it is poorly written or just doesn’t make sense because of typos/errors. I would think with the amount of resources EBT now has, someone could proofread and edit these posts to make them more professional and readable.

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