EBT Courses

Emotional Brain Training (formerly The Solution Method) starts with an introductory course called Wired for Joy.  After that most participants continue on through the 6 Kits in order to gain freedom from common excesses and obtain the six rewards.

Wired for Joy: An Introduction to the Solution Method


Wired for Joy offers a time of discovery. Everyone taking this course is new to the Solution Method and experimenting with The Method. All participants are learning The 5-Point System in a step-by-step manner.

The first week you’ll learn how to check in with yourself throughout the day and figure out where you are emotionally on a five-point scale. The second week, you’ll build on that skill and learn to use the five tools to change your emotional state from stress to well-being. The third week you’ll collect Joy Points – purposely change your emotional state to experience a surge of neurotransmitters in the pleasure pathways of your brain, which tends to cause an immediate decease in stress.  Learn more…

The Kits: Rewiring the Emotional Brain

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These six 12 week courses offer progressive training in the tools used to rewire the emotional brain and create a Solution in your life. A Solution means having, within the limits of genetics and circumstance, freedom from stress symptoms and addictions and an abundance of life’s richest rewards.  Learn More..

EBT Certified Providers

As with anything emotional, the magic happened with EBT when you are surrounded by people who are also learning the skills and you get to see them change and have them help you change as well.    Because of this the most popular method for learning these tool is with the guidance of a Certified Provider who is a Licensed Mental Health professional in either a local Group or a phone based Tele-Group.

To be connected with your local EBT Provider Call: 1-877-334-5246

Call the above number then enter your zip code and you will hear the names of the 3 EBT Certified Providers that are located closest to you, as well as their credentials. Then you can select one and be connected to their practice directly!


5 thoughts on “EBT Courses

  1. How do i enroll on the web site for boulder and peas starting wed 24 or mon 22 feb?How does the pre publication of journal come via email or hard copy?Is their any information on the survival circuits guide?

  2. Would someone plase contact me about the Mon night orientation..I am unable to get any response.
    Sheila in Austin

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