The Pathway : Follow the Road to Health and Happiness


A revolutionary program that goes to the roots of not just one common excess,

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but all of them, turning off our emotional
appetites and offering us a pathway to better health and greater happiness
If we have not mastered two simple skills — self-nurturing and effective limit setting-we cannot soothe and comfort ourselves from within. So it is only natural that we soothe and comfort ourselves by overeating, drinking, spending, overworking, and smoking or by finding our way into the softer excesses-people pleasing, putting up walls, rescuing others, or thinking too much. When we master these two skills, we experience a Solution-that is, freedom from the whole range of common excesses and a life abundant in life’s rewards: integration, balance, sanctuary, intimacy, vibrancy, and spirituality.

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The 3-Day Solution Plan: Jump-start Lasting Weight Loss by Turning Off the Drive to Overeat


The Solution to Dieting!

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Almost everyone who wants to lose weight makes a painful discovery:diets don’t work. After following the rules and wrestling with the temptations, nearly all dieters regain what they have lost–and then some. What’s worse, the anger and frustration of constant dieting just make us want to eat more! If only we could turn off the drive to overeat. But that’s impossible, right? Wrong!
Based on the amazingly effective method developed by weight-loss expert Laurel Mellin, The 3-Day Solution Plan will give you a powerful, step-by-step plan to turn off the drive to overeat while shedding up to six pounds! A proven program for lasting weight loss without dieting, The Solution Method was developed by Mellin at the University of California, San Francisco’s School of Medicine. Health magazine named it one of the 10 top medical advances of 2000. But this is the first time The Solution Method has been made accessible to everyone as a results-oriented jumpstart to the program–and it only takes three days.

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The Solution: For Safe, Healthy, and Permanent Weight Loss

OL1010423M-MThese days, it’s fashionable to look at the problems of overweight people and write

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them off as too much food and too little exercise. But for many it’s more complicated than that, and Laurel Mellin has identified six root causes of the behaviors that lead to obesity. She believes it’s never too late to develop the skills to overcome these problems, whether the root is an inability to set limits or a life lived out of balance.

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2 thoughts on “Books

  1. This incredible book changed my life — and my dress size. (cut that dress size literally in half.) It is truly powerful. I am so grateful to Laurel Mellin, and hope to meet her one day to thank her. Buy it and read it!

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