What is EBT?

Emotional Brain Training is an emotional response training method based on the latest developments in neuroscience. Participants learn how to process stress effectively so that their brain state or stress level returns to well-being, rather than staying in chronic stress. When the method is used in a focused effective way stress symptoms and cravings fade.

The method was developed over the last 30 years at the University of California, San Francisco, first as a natural appetite suppressant for children with weight issues (The Shapedown Program). Later it was adapted to meet the needs of adults as The Solution Method. In 2007, in response to new discoveries in neuroscience, an easier, more effective way of using the method was introduced.  The method was renamed Emotional Brain Training (EBT).

In a way, it is very simple. The brain is in one of five states at all times, ranging from stress to joy. For each brain state there is a specific pathway that most effectively processes stress back to well-being. In the introductory course, Wired for Joy, you learn how to switch your brain from stress to joy. Most people report experiencing less stress and more positive emotions after the introductory course. To deepen those changes, and rewire the brain for lasting results, there are six courses which are designed to change the brain’s set point toward well-being. Self-study internet training, telephone groups and coaching and local groups and coaching are available. All programs are conducted by health professionals who are certified in the method.

Emotional Brain Training News is a Blog about the continued evolution of EBT and general information about everything related to the Emotional Brain the new terminology for the “Feeling Brain” or the “Limbic System” or the “Paleomammalian Brain”  EBT retrains the emotional brain, sometimes called the “feeling brain” to help individuals attain a life of well being and freedom from life’s common excesses.


To learn more about EBT, read:

The Birth of EBT

What is a Brain State?


11 thoughts on “What is EBT?

  1. Are you changing the name of the method from DST to EBT? I’d be interested in reading your thoughts about that sometime…maybe a blog entry?

    • Barbara,

      Thanks for your question!

      Yes, we are changing it from DST to EBT. I’ll do a blog post on it soon.

    • Gary,
      We are very interested, as well. Participants who are struggling with PTSD in their families have described the use of the method in very positive terms. One person in particular has been approaching the military about this. The Institute for Health Solutions, the non-profit that trains and certifies health professionals in EBT is in communication with the military about researching the use of the method with troops. We are very interested in speaking with PTSD researchers and military advocates as well as clinicians who specialize in treating PTSD to become involved in this work.

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